Gail Turpin


SOLO EXHIBITION | Upright Gallery, Edinburgh 18 June - 8 July 2022

This show gathers together work made during a period of unexpected nesting over the last two years. Through close observation of my collection of found feathers and nests, I settled in to make studies of these beautiful and complex natural structures. With pieces developed through drawing, painting, monoprinting and collage, Nesting features works on paper, wood and fabric.

Collage showing a nest viewed from the side (at the top of the image) and above (at the bottom of the image). The background is a warm grey colour. The image is made up of lines and textured coloured shapes in rust, yellow ochre, green, black and greys.
Collage showing a nest viewed from the side (at the top of the image) and above (at the bottom of the image) with a feather sitting between the two. The background is a mid blue/grey colour. The nest and feather are stylised black and white monoprints. There is a textured yellow ochre egg in the nest and each object has a drop shadow under it making them look as if they are floating.
Basket sitting on a wooden floor containing printed and hand painted fabric. The linen pieces have natural coloured backgrounds with fine and heavy lines in black, grey and rust.
Image shows 2 patchwork samples. The piece on the left (shown in soft focus) has been made in browns, greens, rust and a subtle brown tartan. The piece on the right includes linen in black and white, some with lines, others with black numbers.


I was born in Edinburgh and studied at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1980s. After completing a BA and postgraduate diploma in graphic design, I worked in London and Amsterdam before returning to my home town to set up my own graphic design studio.

To me design is an applied art—one of several that I practice; I have sewn and knitted since childhood. Drawing has always been part of my process, too. Recent work combines all of these disciplines.

A framed abstract image of eggs in a nest on a dark brown background. The picture sits on a cream wall above a black mantlepiece. On the mantlepiece there is a glass containing birds feathers, a black metal bird candle holder and two stone fish fossils.
Painting of a black nest with a yellow ochre textured egg sitting inside. The nest sits on a blue/grey background and has a shadow underneath it. The picture is painted on a long piece of wood.


To enquire about prints, originals or to view further work:

07976 364956


Collage with a white background and stylised nest shape in mid brown. Two monoprint feather shapes in black, grey and white sit on the nest at the right..
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